my name's rachel and I take photos of rad people in love.

it all started when... 

I grew up with my mom being an artist, and I was submerged into the art world at a young age. On the weekends, when I was a child, we'd visit museums. During the week I'd study my mom in the evenings as she'd create on different mediums. Her paintings, drawings and pottery flowed throughout our home. She encouraged me to see art everywhere I went.

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At the age of 22 I decided to pick up my camera, invest in a lens and start documenting couple's love.




Photography isn't just about taking a good photo with nice light. For me, it's about telling the story of someone's love. How can I get you to feel what they feel? How can you experience what they are experiencing? Because of love I have been able to step on ground I never would have imagined. Meet people I never would have met! 


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Submerging into people's lives and stories leaves me full. It's getting to create together that brings me to a satisfying place as an artist. So many people chanted me on as I stumbled through making mistakes and taking risks. It's hard to get to know someone on the "about" page of their website. I'd rather we become friends over a coffee or maybe ice cream- if that's your jam.

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