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Growing up in a basic small town in the Midwest and my mom being an artist, I was submerged into the art world at a young age. On the weekends, when I was a child, we'd visit art museums in Omaha (ya know, β€œthe city”).

If I snuck out of my bed after bedtime, I'd see her working on different mediums. I remember the soft light of the lamp, lighting up her space where she would create. She taught art at a college nearby and I loved watching how she did things. Not to mention her paintings, drawings and sculptures flowed throughout our home. Between my dad loving modern design and my mom being a wild & free artist, I suppose I can see how this was a calling from a young age. Fast forward to junior high, I found myself shooting through rolls of film on so many disposable cameras, practically begging my friends to let me take their "glamour shots" (HA!). All of this took place in my basement of course. I did the works you guys, hanging my bedspread from the ceiling as a backdrop, blowing a fan to create a windswept look and all. I still have those gems and Clay still pokes fun at me for them when we dig through childhood photos.

At the age of 22 I decided to pick up my camera,

invest in a lens

and start documenting other free-spirits.

If you're hoping to know just the personal side of me, I'll give ya the DL real quick. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, graduated and started photography in Omaha, Nebraska. I became a "girl boss" if you will, when I was 22 πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I dove straight into online marketing courses and spent countless hours trying to "perfect" my craft. Obsessing over all that I could learn when it came to a photography business.

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I had been married for a couple of years at this point (got married when I was 19 in 2009). Even though we were young, we had a pretty awesome wedding if I do say so myself 😏(my mother in law is a wedding decorator, and it was all thanks to her). A lot of our ideas in 2009 were up and coming (outdoor reception, stringed lights over the dancefloor, fireworks and these types of things). They weren't really heard of yet when we got married, and Pinterest wasn't a thing until 2010 *gasp*. We spent a lot of money and creativity on our first day as husband and wife, and we DIDN'T spend much of anything on a photographer. While our first day was so incredible and spent with our closest friends and family, we don't have any photos to show for it. I don't have romantic photos of our first dance, or of Clay and I first seeing each other. Nothing to show of the gorgeous July sunset, which lit our evening reception. It was a bummer, and is still a bummer. Our children won't have any reference for our wedding day. They won't see how we felt. I am here to say I've been a bride, and experienced an incredible wedding, and have no photos to show of it. This is one of the main reasons I'm passionate about what I do you guys! 

Moving on, after our wedding, about two years later we had our first little, Zoe Jo! Fast forward a few more years and we welcomed our little man Cohen Eli. Now, we're living in SoCal with our two littles (Zoe Jo and Cohen Eli) and loving every minute of sunshine and adventure.


My guy is attending grad school in Los Angeles (shout out to Talbot Seminary). I’ve shot weddings, elopements and couples in California the last five years. Now that we've made the leap to move here, I'm so thrilled to meet more couples, and dive into shooting more lifestyle content for brands, business owners, influencers and others who are looking to push the creative boundaries. πŸŽ‰πŸ“Έ

Clay and Rachel Wakefield Family image by Triniti Jensen


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