3 Important & Easy Steps to Better Engagement Photos

Dear Lovely Bride-to-Be, Let's chat about engagement sessions. Yippee! One of the very first steps after hiring your wedding photographer is shooting the engagement session. This is an awesome time to bond and get comfortable in front of the camera.

We all know we take engagement portraits for the celebration of the recent engagement. Not to mention they are great to use on invites and save the dates.

What is necessary to having great engagement photos?

1. Being completely yourselves is GOLD. This couple above were silly, fun and pretty carefree! And this image shows that. Confidence in who you are as an individual and as a couple will allow photos to really shine. Be authentic! :)


2. Hiring a professional makeup artist (MUA) can really pay off! This allows for your makeup to stay in place (you know in 95 degree weather or if it rains ect) and look fresh for the entire session. Not to mention, you'll have that extra boost in confidence! Having your makeup done professionally also gives you the opportunity to try out the MUA before the big day! WIN!

3. Oh boy! How location sets the moooood. Truly, location is KEY. It completely sets the tone for your images. Communicating the type of location you'd like with your photographer is very important. If you want your photographer to choose, that is great too! Just be sure to communicate with you photographer. 

To achieve the following steps well, it is important to study your photographer's work and see how authentic their images look. Are they posed? Is that what you want? Also, your photographer's recommendation on a makeup artist and good locations are a must!

Cheers to your engagement!