AUSTEN x KELSEY // Seal Beach Couples Photography // LA Photographer

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hey y'all!

so this is how this session went down. I held a "giveaway" shoot in february as I announced on social media that we (my little fam) is MOVING to La Mirada aka Los Angeles, CA this summer. welllll these cuties won the giveaway! I shot them durning my recent trip this week to LA and then went out for a burger at *you guessed it* In-N-Out afterwards. ha!

um, can I just say their chemistry and laid back vibes were everything? after dating for the last four years, i think it was time to capture their love. also, fun fact, Austen grew up in long beach so this session was completely his vibe. so fun. this is part ONE of our shoot. more to come in the next couple of weeks.