CJLA SHOOT // Los Angeles Lifestyle Fashion Photographer

Los Angeles Commercial Photographer Rachel Wakefield

Carly Jean Los Angeles
Commercial Fashion Photography

You feel the sand between your toes, hear ocean waves crash along the shoreline and you're in your favorite pair of jeans. Imagine you've never felt more at home, cozied up with a cup of hot coffee with nowhere to go. Imagine you live your most blissful life, everyday, in your favorite fabrics. xx. 

Allow me to introduce to you a timeless + lifestyle brand of clothing, Carly Jean Los Angeles

A few months back I was approached by the sweet women of this incredible company. Of course I'm all about a good clean brand of clothing, but I'm also all about a group of women who are out for the good of others. That's what the ladies at CJLA are all about. Encouraging other women. I love these ladies and what they're all about. 

This shoot allowed me to creatively express myself, share their brand + dive into commercial photography. What better place to start than in Malibu, California? This is the launch of their fall line for 2018. If you're into a capsule wardrobe, minimalism or even just good clothing... you'll want to check out this brand. 

CJLA, thank you for allowing me to share the fall line! 

To shop their clothes, click the link here