Dear Bride, 3 Beauty Items You Can't Forget!

When it comes to remembering things on your wedding day, the list is a long one! Three small items I wouldn't forget if I were you!

1. Those little tiny scissors! When there is a small string hanging off your dress or you need them to cut a little something they are absolutely essential!

2. Powder or Oil Absorbing Paper. If it is humid outside or you end up feeling warmer than expected, you'll need something for your face. I know powder isn't a great option if you have liquid foundation on, so I recommend having simple blotting paper on hand. This has been a lifesaver in some situations.

3. Gloss/Lip Color. Lip color is awesome to have on hand and continue to reapply during the wedding day. Also, it is a huge plus to having that finished look in photos.

There you have it! :)