Dear Bride, What is Your "Must Have"?


Happy Tuesday! Today we are chatting about your "must have". I'm talking about the ONE thing you can't go cheap on. What is your must have? What do you NEED to walk away with after your wedding is over that you are happy you spent money on?

Dear Bride, please take time to think about this. I know some ladies who spend their money on the dress. They have no problem dropping thousands upon thousands on the dress. Some women have to have the perfect venue over looking the ocean. Some... hire a good photographer.

I have shot weddings where the reception is in a bare auditorium, where dinner is served on plastic plates.

I have shot weddings where not one thing was cheap. Where the bride was married over looking the ocean, allowing her man to slip a rock of a diamond on her finger from Tiffany's.

Hanscom Park in Omaha

Hanscom Park in Omaha

I knew when I walked into that bare auditorium that I was her splurge. Her "must have" was a photographer. She didn't want to go cheap there. I was so humbled to say the least.

Our job as wedding photographers is to make your event look incredible. 

Livestock Exchange Building in Omaha, Nebraska

Livestock Exchange Building in Omaha, Nebraska

And to the brides who go all out. Bravo. Having a good photographer is the very best thing you can do. Now, your event will be remembered for how it actually was. Beautiful and stunning.

Bad photos can really "downgrade" what you've spent. It is unfortunate and almost, I'd say, a waste of money in general.

Remember the details and emotion from your event by hiring a pro.

This post was to encourage you. Thinking through and budgeting your wedding around what matters most to you. Of course, besides saying a vow to the one you love. I'd say that is the most important. ;)

Cheers! -Rachel:)