dear bride x do you need a traditional wedding party?

Do you really need or even want a traditional wedding party?

Let me start by saying that I think wedding parties are incredibly special. I've been in my fair share of them, and I've been so honored to be. This post is for the bride who is feeling pressured by the idea of having to keep up with the wedding party and the responsibility that comes with it. This post is simply to reassure those of you who are considering opting out of this tradition.

It's okay. I'm here to tell you that having a wedding party can bring great joy, but there are also a lot of good reasons to skip the tradition for your modern day wedding.

Wedding Party Traditions

Dress shopping, gifting, hair, makeup appointments and shoes. This list can get quite lengthy. In the middle of this process, you're probably asking yourself "Isn't this day supposed to be about us... getting married"? 


Two souls coming together to make a covenant before God. The only requirements are an officiant, one or two witnesses and a document. 

Friend, I'm here to tell you, yes. Yes, you can absolutely skip out of this tradition, and it can actually save you a lot of time and money, and possibly even your friendships. ;)

I've witnessed and photographed weddings without wedding parties, and I have to say that is the very reason I'm writing this post. To tell you that you have the freedom to go ahead and skip the tradition. With this, you'll have more time with just your photographer which can lead to more space and room for deep and meaningful connections between the two of you. When the space to create is there for me, as the photographer, the images just turn out to be real moments, not posed. Just the two of you means your attention on one another is greater. Just the two of you still means you can have all of your deepest friendships there to celebrate! 

Phoenix, Arizona Wedding Photography

Whether you choose to have a handful of deep relationships with you on the platform, or not. I hope and deeply desire your wedding planning process to be stress-free, with a focus on the true meaning of the wedding day. 



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