That was pretty much the opposite of this shoot, although the strip was probably only a thirty minute drive from our shooting location. We drove up and through the beautiful Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. Which is pretty much perfect for these two, as they love to hike up in this area on the weekends! Emily and John tied the knot last year and since then they've settled into married life. 

Both believers, they were incredibly fun to hang out with. After the shoot we sat down for dinner at Yard House and chatted about many things including their little puppy, church and what Emily cooks for supper. It was a good time.

Emily, you are stunning. John, your character shines so bright. You two are a dynamite couple and I absolutely loved getting to know you. Here is to many more laughs and years of marriage!

Isn't the creation incredible? Absolutely loved this session and this sweet couple. <3