Full Time Mother + Full Time Photographer | The Beauty of Both


After each nap, our daughter Zoe asks for a "coooookie", which of course is the one and only Oreo cookie. Don't ask how they keep sneaking into our kitchen cabinets. But they do. I stay at home full time with Zoe. I enjoy all the aspects of being a stay at home mom, including disciplining, teaching and loving on her all day long. How do you do both? Strategy. It is absolutely ALL in the strategy!

1) Naps are important. During naptime I am able to edit, shoot out emails, blog or make phone calls.

2) Grandma's rock. Zoe loves hanging out with any of her numerous grandmothers. This is time when I can network with other photographers or clients over coffee.

3) Mission: God and Family come first. In my business, I have made it a POINT to put God first, marriage second and being a mother right up there at third. My business is supposed to HELP us, not hinder us. This is a biggy.


This life isn't about being perfect. Success for me isn't about being the best wedding photographer on the block. Success is building relationships with who I get to meet in this business. 

Not all situations are the same. Of course, I have to SHOOT the wedding. I do this by aiming to shoot only one wedding a month (excluding June or October). This means, only once a month am I taking away time from my family. I call this "Daddy-Daughter Day" :) I'm so blessed to have a husband who has Saturdays off from work. And if he is busy, hey there is always a grandma ;)