HORSESHOE BEND | Adventurous Couples Photography


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You can't beat the views of horseshoe as well as the deep connection Jamie and Joe have for one another.


This day was truly blessed by God you guys. It was insane. Jamie's story is compelling and gives you an outline on why we did this shoot.

"Being a wedding photographer myself, I always said when my time came I would DEFINITELY elope! But when Joe and I got engaged and it came to actually planning, the ENFP in me just couldn’t do it without the 200 most important people in my life! We loved every minute of our wedding and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Afterwards, I dreamt of having an epic destination shot to blow up and put on our wall, and knew I wanted to put my favorite dress back on. So, to celebrate our one year anniversary, we hopped on a plane to Arizona and took Rachel with us! I wouldn’t trade this experience or these photos for anything. Unlike our wedding, where we only had a small time slot for photos, we got HOURS to be with each other at Horseshoe Bend in our wedding attire, reflecting on the first year of our covenant and dreaming about what lies ahead, in the midst of one of the most jaw-dropping and inspiring places we’ve been to." -Jamie