Is a timeline essential for a wedding photographer to provide?

The Preserve at Bingham Hill Fort Collins, Colorado

The Preserve at Bingham Hill Fort Collins, Colorado

Dear Bride, Planning your wedding is enough work as it is! Can you plan on your photographer just showing up and shooting whatever is thrown at him or her?

I think that is a risk you shouldn't take.

When will you and your future spouse first see each other, before or during the ceremony? Are the photos after the ceremony worth panicking over because you don't know if you got all the shots you wanted? Family, friends, wedding party ect.

I highly recommend when choosing a wedding photographer you ask if they provide a timeline. If they don't, ask them if they will be willing to work with you on creating one.

I provide every couple a personalized and detailed timeline. This saves us from decision fatigue on the wedding day, and it makes the day run smooth and a little more carefree. :)


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