"I met Steve two years ago not too long after moving to the Philadelphia area.  We found each other on and all of our early dates were Steve showing me all around and walking around Philly with me- showing me his favorite things.  I knew he was very sweet right from the start.  I've never liked city driving so I would always take the train in and he'd be waiting at the station to pick me up and at night when it was late he always insisted on driving me all the way back home (a little jaunt from where he lived since we lived on opposite sides of Philly at the time).  I always felt that Steve and I were so comfortable with each other from almost the very beginning, I never worried with him or wondered where our relationship was headed, he was so forthright and honest always.

Steve accompanied me back to Nebraska last May to visit my family with me.  He had been before to visit over Christmas but said he was up to another visit- curious to see Nebraska when it wasn't so cold and winter time.  I had no idea that on this trip he was going to ask for my family's blessing and propose!  He caught me completely by suprise the first night we were there.  It wasn't very glamorous, we were disheveled from traveling and tired from getting up very early that morning but I loved it because we were at the home I grew up in and I knew that he knew how much my home and family meant to me.  He surprised me by asking me in the middle of the kitchen quite late at night when we finally had a quiet moment together. I think he surprised himself too- he hadn't intended on proposing the first night of our visit but said he just had to do it or he wouldn't have been able to sleep He was very nervous and felt rushed, not knowing how much time he'd have alone with me, it was so sweet.  Even though I hadn't expected him to propose on that visit or anytime soon, accepting his proposal was such an easy decision to make and felt so right, I didn't need any time to think about it!  It was such a special visit home getting to tell all of our friends and family in person the great news.

On our wedding day I felt so happy and excited but not really nervous- I think because nothing about me and Steve together has ever really made me feel nervous.  I was so happy that we were going to have this very special day together and that we were going to share it with all of our family and friends and I was really happy knowing everything we had before us that we would be doing together always.  I was very excited about the special adventure we'd be going on that we planned for our honeymoon and the even bigger adventure of life together!  I felt really grateful that I'd found this amazing sweet man to be my partner in life- someone who shares my sense of adventure and curiosity in life.  On top of being really happy and excited I felt very sure about us becoming married and spending our lives together, it felt like a big celebration for a decision we had made quite some time before." -Jennifer


VENUE: Joslyn Castle | Omaha, NE

MAKEUP: Reve Salon

HAIR: Studio M

CAKE:  Dorothy Thompson | OMAHA PASTRY

FLORIST: Avant Garden Floral

GOWN: Ann Watters exclusively for BHLDN by Anthropologie