Morgan x John

Growing up in small town Nebraska, Morgan wasn't overly excited to accept an accounting internship fourteen hours away in the "big city" of Dayton, Ohio. Being from a small town and leaving all of her friends and family behind was a bit overwhelming. Dayton just sounded like the worst place to spend her summer, in 2011. But the accounting internship was a good career experience and was worth it, especially because it was only three months long. 

A couple days into the internship, Morgan had met John. 

After returning back to Nebraska to complete her senior year of college, that fall, she accepted a full time offer back in Ohio. 

When Morgan moved back to Ohio, for good this time, her and John's friendship picked up right where it left off. They spent countless hours together. And apparently, everyone around them saw it coming. They knew they were perfect for each other. 

Before you knew it, John was on one knee asking Morgan to be his wife. 

The rest is history my friends. :)


HOTEL: DoubleTree Omaha Southwest

CEREMONY: St. James Catholic Church

RECEPTION: Anthony's Steakhouse

Amazing Vendors for the day:

Florist: Barb Redman

DJ + Photobooth: Complete

Cake: Omaha Pastry | Upstream Brewery | Dorothy Thompson