DEAR BRIDE, The One Thing You Should Know About Photography


Dear Bride, You are planning your wedding. The biggest day of your life. Every detail is seen, the expenses are paid and there are crucial decisions on who you hire to help you celebrate and pull everything together. Nothing about this day is cheap. From floral design, centerpieces, makeup, accessories, transportation, venue and the list goes on, you have poured your heart and soul (and cash) into it. This is the day you celebrate two becoming one. This is the beginning adventure of your life story as  Mr. & Mrs.

Today I'm talking about hiring the right photographer. 

Above, you see a bride's gown hanging in a large window. The color, light and even the position were all chosen by the photographer. When I arrived, this dress was still in the bag, untouched.

Below you'll see how the pastor is holding the wedding ring before the bride puts it on her husband's finger. The angle, exposure, depth of field (blurriness in the background), color and so on were chosen by the photographer.

Who you hire is important.

You are choosing this person to tell your story. How they saw it.

What a big job.

What a privilege.

I am so incredibly honored when a bride and groom choose me to tell their story.

Please, choose your photographer wisely.

This is the one thing you get to keep from your day.


After all is said and done. You will have only your photographs to look back on. Don't put this in just anyone's hands.

'til we meet again,