This summer I was hitting a wall. I'd like to think of it as writer's block... except for photography. I think every creative goes through this at some point when doing an art full time. With weddings, I don't always get the opportunity to share creativity. The day is organized and planned out and that leaves me with 20 minutes with the bride and groom, typically, to be creative. So I had to go out and do something for myself. An itch that definitely needed to be scratched. Feel me? A friend that I had met about five years back is just getting into modeling. She was wanting to shoot with me and I her, so at 1pm in the afternoon we did exactly that! No golden hour, gorgeous sun, but it was definitely challenging and pushed me to be better.

'Tis was a little adventure that allowed me to push boundaries and I really enjoyed taking time to be expressive and free. <3

Here is my friend, Candida Baxter.