Samantha x David | 1316 JONES x OMAHA

Dress Designer: Mori Lee

Pearl Necklace and Earrings: Passed down from Samantha's Nana (Marilyn Hepner) who wore them on her wedding, then to her mom who wore them on her wedding and now to Sam.

Rings: Tj's Fine Jewelry in Carbondale, Illinois

Florist: Jean Schafersman and Andrea Zahourek (95% of the flowers were either homegrown or country side)

Flowers in Bridesmaids' hair: Greens Florist in Fremont, NE

Hair and Makeup: Brianna Kindler

"Each moment of our wedding day felt crisp like the first bit of a fresh apple on a warm summer day.  I remember feeling exuberant in my words and actions leading up to the moment I walked down the aisle to David.  I kept looking around at my friends and family beforehand and telling them, "I'm getting married to David!" 

I had cried many tears already before arriving at the church but the moment that I was in the room reading the letter that he wrote me, I lost it entirely.  I felt known, truly known by David by the words he wrote which described how beautiful I am for what I do and how I let it out in an inhibited sort of way!  I was handed many kleenexes but knew it wouldn't be the last of my joyful tears.  

I felt so beautiful and radiant as if I was on top of the highest mountain while also feeling like I was walking along the ocean feeling the gentle breeze with the reminder that love never ends.  Moments before walking down the aisle I told my father and personal attendant that I was going to close my eyes and take all of this in.  As I did tears streamed down my face with assurance that everything was in place and now it was time to give it all I had because I am loved.  Loved, that's how I felt throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception.  Yes, I cried during the ceremony, how could I not, I was looking in the eyes of the man who was promising to love me no matter what and I the same.    

David loves me for who I am and I love him for who he is.  The entire night our family and friends continued to shower us in love and joy.  Watching people dance, laugh, smile, and have conversations was beautiful.  From David playing the guitar and singing to me to dancing together I felt so open, free, and alive!  I continue to share in these moments with my love and cherish them with every bone in my body."  -Samantha


"I don't think it really hit home until we were going upstairs to get ready for the ceremony. Until then it was mostly goofing off with the guys as usual, but when we emerged from our exile in the far room of the school building, there was a sense that something was finally happening. Something was about to change. 

Even then, to some extent, it felt like we were all lining up for a show or some production. There was excitement, but it was general, in a way. I was mostly focused on being present where I was, and talking to the guests and groomsmen next to me.

I remember looking down the aisle, hoping for some peek at the bride through the crack in the doors at the entrance to the sanctuary. No luck, but she did decide to come through the doors and come be married to me. It came to a head when she walked through the doors, in her amazing dress, as the organist began the processional march, which was one of my favorite hymns. And she came all the way up to see me, of all people, and to hold my hand, and to approach the altar with me to make a vow that would last a lifetime. It was beautiful, the dress was beautiful -- she was beautiful. It took all I had not to break down in front of everyone.

I still don't feel like I deserve her, and I don't know what she did to deserve me, but together we've begun something wonderful, that I struggle to fully describe. I love her, and I hope to learn to love her more every day." -David