Long and steep stairs led my feet to the bottom of what would be the most beautiful beach I've ever seen with my own eyes. Sarah, the bride to be, had picked out this location for her and Jeff's engagement shoot. When I finally hit the bottom of the stairs that were hanging onto the cliffside, I searched with eager eyes to find Sarah and Jeff. Unfortunately, this would be our first meeting together since I live in the Midwest and they on the coast. A needed Skype date never happened. Searching and asking, I just could not find them. Service for my phone was close to the 1x mark, which we all know means nothing. No service. Finally after a long 15 minutes (seriously, 15 minutes of anticipation is a long time) our eyes met. We greeted one another with a warm hug. And then squealed. Because we both knew... this shoot was going to be incredible. What could be better than love, sunshine and the insane creation we were surrounded with?

We were in an epic location, with the weather being near perfect. Cheers to Sarah and Jeff! I cannot wait to witness their commitment in August, which will also be on the beach in beautiful Malibu, California. 

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