A few words come to mind for this precious day, and one of those is "sweet". Everything about Tia and Cody's wedding was sweet. From Tia's smile in the morning getting ready (and she wore it all day long) to their first dance. These two have the sweetest love. Cody was smitten with his bride, and could not take his eyes off of her the entire day. The air was chilly, the fire was cozy and these sweethearts were more in love than ever before. 

"The days leading up to your wedding people often flood you with 'advice' and what to expect.  So much of this will seem cliche, however one phrase that was told to me was the truest thing I was told.  

'It is the shortest, longest day of your life!'

My beautiful Wife planned out every minute of our big day from 5am - 11:11 at night she had perfectly crafted a day of true symbolism for the love that we have.  When I woke up that morning, it was one of the few times I've woken up and not had her next to me.  It's almost as if my day never truly starts until I can see her.  I was full of excitement and anticipation.  

Quickly after I woke up so much began to happen, almost as if all at once.  with getting ready, taking photos, setting up and everything else, the day seemed to be flying by.  There were times I'd look at my watch and swear it had only been 10 minutes yet 50 had passed.  

It wasn't until that moment, the moment when I suddenly was at the front looking down the aisle to see her walking toward me.  Right then it felt like someone clicked off the fast forward and hit the slow mo.  All my thoughts left me and I was overcome by this beautiful girl that was in front of me. I got lost in her eyes while the reverend spoke and felt so blessed to be standing there with her!  Hearing her read the vows she wrote just for me had me almost short of breath it touched me so much.  I couldn't help but tear up.

The entire ceremony had me feeling as if we were temporarily in our own world, with no rush to leave it.

The reception and everything after was just the icing on the cake for a perfect moment on a beautiful day!  The next morning I woke up right where I love to be, next to my incredible, amazing, loving wife." -Cody

"My wedding day was the best day of my life. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true! I thought for sure I’d be a nervous wreck and bawl my eyes out, but instead to my surprise I was excited from the moment hair and makeup started throughout the entire day and into the night. I never once stopped smiling! I was full of pure joy and utter bliss! Sure there were moments of “oh shit” (lol) and nerves ;) but those quickly subsided. I was just SO ready and excited to see my best friend and for him to soon become my life long partner - My Husband!

When the time came for our first look, I remember walking up to him tearing up but yet feeling like I wanted to explode with excitement! When he turned around everything and everyone around me disappeared and I just couldn’t wait to say “I Do”. Our ceremony was untraditional and unique just like our love. We did a Willow Tree planting ceremony as a representation of our love. This part was extra special to me and meant the world because the Willow Tree is something that has always been a favorite of mine but also reminded me of my long lost, loving, grandmother. *tears of joy* Cody and I also saw the tree as a symbol of our long lasting love, with roots as strong as our bond. Our parents each poured soul into the pot and so did Cody and I. That was also very special to us, as they were planting our love and helping it grow. We hope to plant this tree on our land one day, that we both dream of buying, and watching our beloved children play underneath it someday! We also wrote our own vows and just like I said in my vows, I knew without any doubt or hesitation that I was making the best decision of my life in marrying the only man I call home and I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Although it was cold, I was so proud of everyone for toughing it out and being apart of our big day! Between our family, friends, officiant, and vendors, they truly were what made our wedding day sincerely special. I have never felt SO loved and beautiful in my life! It was truly like a fairy tale. I wouldn’t change a thing! It was everything I could have hoped for! But most of all, Cody James Bartholomew was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for (AND MORE)!!!! I feel so extremely lucky, to call such a hard working, selfless, kind, fun, loving, and handsome man mine, forever and always! I truly am sincerely blessed, and will always be grateful for such a heartfelt, passionate, and loving day!" -Tia

Venue // The Sugarland Barn Houses

Event Designer x Planner // Tia Adler

Florist // KP Designs

Videographers // Moore Memories

Hair // Lisa

Makeup Artist // Alexa’s Luxurious Looks

Catering // The Old Feed Mill

Bridal Shops // Ellynne Bridal

Dress Designer // Essense of Australia

Rentals & Decor // Etsy 

Table Decorating // Table Linens, Lace Overlay, Napkins, and Mismatched China by The Sugarland Barn

Thank You Table Cards by Wishful Paperie via Etsy

Menu Cards by Juicy Paperie via Etsy

Center Pieces // KP designs

Invitation Designer // JuicyPaperie 

Accommodations // The Sugarland Barn Houses

Officiant // Reverend Christine Weidner

Rings & Jewelry // Zales - Vera Wang Love Collection x Clock and Colours - Tortuga Ring

Sound & Lighting Design // Scott Siewert

Gifts & Favors // Custom Honey Jars by Southern Jams and Jelly via Etsy - Custom Tags for Honey Jars by Modern Typography via Etsy

DJ: Fun Tilt DJ - Scott Siewert