photography workshops specifically for those who...

1. have a photography business and want to learn how to take it next level

2. want to launch a photography business but don't know where to begin


When I first started photography, I stumbled my way through. I tried to copy other photographers' pricing, I paid for a cheap camera (canon rebel) and I tried to build a brand all by myself. If I could be honest, I shouldn't have done any of those things. Does this sound like what you're going through?

It would have saved me not only hours of time, but years. YEARS. That's my goal in this you guys. To help you start the right way, and if you already started, to give you TOOLS to be where you want to be.

Do you feel like you're ready to take it to the next level?

Well so am I.

The struggle is so real, and I want to help walk alongside you. My entire goal is to encourage and build you up.

I love helping and I think we all have room to GIVE away our talents and time. When we give, we win.

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About Me

Growing up in a basic small town in the Midwest and my mom being an artist, I was submerged into the art world at a young age. On the weekends, when I was a child, we'd visit art museums in Omaha (ya know, the city).

If I snuck out of my bed after bedtime, I'd see her working on different mediums. I remember the soft light of the lamp, lighting up her space where she would create. She taught art at a college nearby and I loved watching how she did things. Not to mention her paintings, drawings and sculptures flowed throughout our home.

Between my dad loving modern design and my mom being a wild & free artist, I suppose I can see how this was a calling from a young age. Fast forward to junior high, I found myself shooting through rolls of film on so many disposable cameras, practically begging my friends to let me take their "glamour shots" (HA!). All of this took place in my basement of course. I did the works you guys, hanging my bedspread from the ceiling as a backdrop, blowing a fan to create a windswept look and all. I still have those gems and Clay still pokes fun at me for them when we dig through childhood photos.

Y'all, we can be insta friends right? for my everyday, follow me @rachelwakefield