Dear Bride, Why Have Your Wedding "Unplugged"?

un·pluggedˌənˈpləɡd/ (of an electrical device) disconnected.

Your guests come to witness you commit your lives to one another. They come to celebrate your new adventure in life becoming husband and wife.

Not to document it.

It is insane to me that people take their iPads to weddings. It is somewhat hysterical, actually! Honestly, I don't mind one bit if people take photos and even bring their iPads/iPhones/Latest Tech. What is hard, is when YOU are saying I do, and there are five phones up in the air... in my picture I'm taking of you saying your vows.

What do you see in this photo above? What are you focusing on?

The wedding in the photo above was my very first unplugged wedding. There were no phones in the air. People are paying attention and every person was with this couple in their moment. It was so refreshing to see this. I was able to get any shot I needed without having to photoshop something crazy out (like an iPad in the air).

If you are getting married, and you know that you want your guests to be fully with you in your moment, request an "unplugged" evening. This couple had a sign at the sign in table to kindly put your phones away for the ceremony. I don't think any couple regrets this. Especially when you are paying good money to have a team of photographers document your day. <3

Let's all try and be a little more present. Soaking in each special moment. -Rachel:)